Who We Are?

Don Luis Rimachi

Don Luis Rimachi has more than 30 years of experience as a healer,and is one of the most renowned Ayahuasca Shamans still practicing in the upper Amazon area.

He began his training as a shaman at the age of eight years old, and was trained by his grandfathers who were reputable healers in the village. His ancestors from the aguaruna tribe passed on a wealth of wisdom stemming back to the native healing traditions of the land.

As he grew up he studied theology and western medicine before he established himself in the community of Padre Cocha as a healer.

Don Luis created Selva Madre in an effort to assist people in spiritual awakening and in healing of the mind, body, and spirit.


More information about Luis Rimachi

A team of shamans


Anderson originates from the parts of Yanachi, where he grew up. He started as a disciple under Don Luis Rimachi in his teens and has since then never left the apprenticeship. Anderson is one of the lead shamans at Selva Madre, and can be found singing very powerful Icaros during ceremony that can make the participants to feel that the temple is leaving ground. Andersson is happy to share his knowledge with our guests, and is assiting the post ceremony evaluations with Don Luis.

Luis Junior

Luis Jr was not sure if his path was in the footsteps of his father, and it wasn't until late teens he truly felt the call. As the son of Maestro Don Luis Rimachi he has been learning the esoteric science in the lineage of his ancestors. Luis JR is happy to translate from English to Spanish and to assist you with any questions about things that surround your retreat. In ceremony, he Icaros are very powerful yet sweet, and accompanies his dad thru whistling and singing.