Ayahuasca healing

For thousand of years in the Amazon, natives have developed a powerful medicine based on plants and spiritual healing practiced by generations of healers much like traditional Chinese or Ayurveda medicines which explain the root causes of physical and mental sicknesses as undesired energetic charges stuck in one’s spiritual bodies.

Don Luis Rimachi is using techniques such as sacred sounds, energetic and spiritual healing, plant medicines, and natural therapies to cure people that the modern medicine has deemed incurable.

Don Luis uses the complex technique of spiritual surgery which involves working under the guidance of medical spirits in order to heal the patient. With this knowledge Don Lucho has successfully healed many people with serious illnesses and cases diagnosed as incurable by modern western medicine.

It is definitely the new emerging medicine of our time giving hope to people who have so called “incurable diseases” such as cancer, HIV, Parkinsons, chronic depression, anxiety and/or drug addictions.

Sacred medicines are now attracting a lot of academics, physicians, philosophers and scientists due to their powerful, mysterious healing and teaching capabilities.

Spirituality is the key and central part of the healing process by purifying the body, mind, and soul from negative charges and blockages that can lead to physical or psychological issues.

Ayahuasca is a divine healer and teacher that enables self exploration of one’s REAL self and helps one gain great respect for life beyond the limits of conventional medicine. Indeed, a few Ayahuasca ceremonies can be as effective as ten years of psychotherapy.

This sacred medicine is a powerful portal that allows entrance and discovery of different layers of our subconscious and helps release what is not our true inner higher nature.

It is our belief that the healing powers of Ayahuasca experienced by everyone on the planet would bring immeasurable peace, self discovery, and spirituality to all.